Soy nutricionista y  Líder Global en la integración del Rendimiento Atlético Personalizado, Nutrición, Rehabilitación‎, Bienestar y Longevidad. Aquí es donde puedes obtener la informacionción para alcanzar nuevos niveles. Podemos mejorar tu velocidad, fuerza, potencia, flexibilidad, tiempo de reacción, resistencia, agilidad y equilibrio. Sabemos como prepararte dietas individualizadas y personalizadas, planes de comidas, suplementos, estrategias y mucho más. Como cliente tendrás acceso a  metodologías  de vanguardia para mejorar tus programas de entrenamiento, mente, recuperación, alimentación y rehabilitación.

I am a Dietitian and Performance Specialists  for runners, soccer, baseball, basketball, golf, AMA, KART4 , CrossFit, and more. If you want to be the best at your sport, this is where you come to learn and reach new levels. I can improve your speed, strength, power, flexibility, reaction time, endurance, agility, and balance. I can prepare individualized and customized diets, meal plans, supplement strategies, and more. Our clients get access to the most cutting edge scientific methods to enhance their training, recovery, and rehabilitation programs.

  • – Over 14 years of experience in training individuals in all aspects of human performance including youth, high performance, collegiate, corporate, tactical and professional athletes.
  • – Over 12 years of management experience.
  • – Experience in educating and presenting in a variety of settings.
  • – Experience in research, data collection/analysis, performance testing/screening.
  • – Excellent communication, organization, and leadership skills.

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